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Investors Earn High Yield Fully Secured 1st Trust Deeds

AFMC investors are an integral part of providing creative financing solutions for borrowers. It is Our Mission to be Your Financial Partner by providing you with profitable opportunities and protecting you against risk. More specifically, we underwrite first position loans called First Trust Deeds based on the quality and long term value of the collateral as well as the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Investors can earn 8% to 11% annually* with the security of knowing that their investments are secured by real estate and backed by a large amount of equity in the real estate. We offer experience and expertise to help turn your cash into a stable, high yield income producing investment through Real Estate First Trust Deed Investing. Throughout history this has been a strategy of the elite. Due to today’s harsh lending environment, an opportunity for everyday qualified investors has opened. Many people have lost money investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with no collateral or guaranteed return. On the contrary, Real Estate First Trust Deeds are unique investments because they provide a high return, a secured asset and reduced risk calculated against the principal.



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