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AFMC Real Estate Investing & Financing offers Real Estate Investors the opportunity for a turkey real estate investing system!

Option 1: AFMC finds the investment property and use private money investors (50/50 profit splits) SFR Only!

Option 2:  AFMC Finds the investment property and use credit investors (50/50 split) SFR Only!

Option 3: AFMC provides "Private" financing for New & Seasoned Investors. Fix & Flips or Buy & Hold!  CA,TX,CO,CT,DC,FL,GA,IL,KS,MD,MO,NC,PA

Option 4:  Trust Deed Investing – Investor receives a 6%-8% rate of return on their money, secured by a 1st deed of trust. (1-4 Units) CA Only!

Option 5: Cash Buyers – Investor buy discounted properties!

Option 6: Property Finder – The person that brings a deal that meets AFMC criteria will receive $2,500 -$5,000 at closing! 

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I had a great experience with Ainsworth Financial Mortgage Corporation. Their team was in complete control and provided me with regular and consistant updates. The rate and fees presented at closing were exactly as agreed - no surprises!

Trevor S. - Ontario, CA

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