Equity Based Lending 

Private Money Program- Asset Based Lending

• LTV (Loan to Value) up to 70% (75-80% ltv case-by-case)
• Loan Term: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 years (10 or 15 yr case-by-case)

• Interest Only or Amortized Over 30 or 40 Years
• Interest Rates: 7.99% to 10.99% Risk Base Pricing, Interest Only Option
• No Prepay Penalties Options

• Cross Collateralize for Maximum Loan Amounts
• Not Fico Based, Bad Fico or No Fico OK
• All Property Conditions Allowed
• All Locations Allowed, Urban, Rural etc.
• Vacant OK Bad Condition All Condition OK
• No Upfront Fees Ever!

• No Citizenship Foreign National OK TIN OK
• Low Pricing Available/Risk-Based Pricing

• Stated Income/Siva/No Doc/Sisa
• No Reserves Needed No Ratio OK

• Programs Allow 100% CLTV (combined loan to value)
• No title seasoning/Next Day Value Ok/Non Recourse Option

• BK Chapter 7,11,13 OK/Debtor in Possession Program

• Old Foreclosures OK, Old Repos OK

• No Net Worth or Liquidity Requirements

• No Appraisal Needed Program, Old Appraisal OK Desk Review OK

â‹• No Min or Max Loan Amounts

• Close Loan in 7 Days

Eligible Property Types 

• Single Family Residence
• Duplex
• Triplex
• Four Plex

• Mobile Home With Foundation
• Modular/Manufactured Home With Foundation

• Town House
• Condo High Rise
• Condo

• Ranch Property

• Farm Property

• Residential on Large Acreage (Any Size)

• Agricultural Property

• Co-op TIC

• Dome House

• Historic Property

• Log Home

• Cabin Home

• Multiple Homes Same Lot

• Non-permitted Structure
• Live Work Property

Eligible Types of Borrowers  

• Owner, Non Owner Occupied or Investment
• Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation
• Foreign Nationals
• Visa, Green Card, or None
• Borrowers in Bankruptcy

• Borrowers in Foreclosure or Bailouts
• Owned by Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation
• Borrowers in Probate/Trust

• Trust, Living Trust, Non Revoke

• Attorney in Fact

Eligible Types of Loans  

• Owner User, Non Owner Occupied or Investment
• Purchase Money
• Refinance
• Cash out (No Cap)
• Property Listed for Sale
• Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Bailouts
• Mezzanine Debt/2nd- Purchase
• Properties in Probate/Trust

• Mezzanine Debt/2nd- Refinance/Cash Out
• Purchase Plus Construction

• Purchase Plus Rehab
• Refinance Cash Out Plus Construction
• Refinance Cash Out Plus Rehab

Bridge Money Program- Asset Based Lending  

• LTV (Loan to Value) up to 80%
• Loan Term: 6 months or 1 Year

• Interest Only Option

• Interest Rates: 9.99% to 11.50% Risk Based
• No Pre-Payment Penalty

• Cross Collateralize for Maximum Loan Amount
• Low Point Options Low Fees
• No Doc, Stated Program
• No Upfront Fees Ever!
• Not Fico Based, No Fico, No Citizenship Needed, TIN OK

• Appraisals Need To Be Approved, Desk or Field Review Needed
• No Reserves Needed No Cltv Option
• No Title Seasoning Needed

• No BK or Foreclosures Last 12 Months

• Down Payment No Seasoning or Gift OK No Liquidity Requirements

• Close Loan 5-7 Days



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